Lip Pencil - Make-up - Helena Rubinstein


LIP PENCIL - 1.2 g

Lip Pencil

Soft gliding texture for contouring lips in a single stroke

More Information

Anti-aging expert brand Helena Rubinstein has created LIP PENCIL to maintain lip contour, one of the primary signs of youthful looks.

Designed not to leak, this perfect coverage lip pencil emphasizes lip contour in a single – gentle and precise – stroke. Enriched with jojoba oil, the pencil gently glides onto the delicate lip area.

Its water resistant formula ensures long-lasting wear and prolongs lipstick or gloss wear too.

LIP PENCIL is the secret to a perfect make-up finish for lips.

At the heart of the formula

Creamy formula specially designed to moisturize lips and help them look young and plump:

  • - Jojoba oil: known for moisturizing, protecting and nourishing lips, making them more supple
  • - Vitamin E and Ascorbyl Palmitate: natural antioxidants which combat skin aging

Application Tips

Lightly mark guiding dots onto the center of the upper lip, the tops of the two lip arches, and in the middle of the lower lip. Draw the lip contour by joining up the dots with lips closed for the upper lip centre and middle of the bottom lip and lips slightly open and smiling to draw from the lip edges to the centre. Smudge in by smoothing and patting with your finger to soften and brighten the contour, using optical effects to naturally “plump up” lips.


Glides gently and with precision over lips to contour their irresistible curves.




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