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Urban radicals the silent youth killers

the environment is changing In the last 30 years, CO2 gases have increased 58% to hit 36 tons in 2012. The ozone hole reached its largest size ever in 2006, covering more than 11 Millions square Miles, free for solar UV radiation to reach the earth.
1 in 3 adults sleep less than 7 hours. Some populations on average spend approximatively 90% of their time indoors. In some regions of the world, the air in homes has chemical contamination level 70x greater than outdoor air.

skin changes too Skin is at its thinnest juste after ovulation, becoming more sensitive. During high moments of stress, the skin barrier is impaired and gets dehydrated. Skin becomes more reactive during seasonal changes.

urban radicals These silent youth aggressions include toxic molecules, chemical substances, external agents and unbalanced lifestyle which are a side effect of urban environments. They represent a daily aggression to youth.

Their danger to the skin lies on 2 key facts: they are a main cause of free-radicals and they deteriorate the skin barrier creating an inflammatory response that accelerates ageing.

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Helena Rubinstein examines & exposes 25 of these daily urban radicals the most prominent ones:

pollution, slower cell regeneration rate Its toxicity aggresively causes free-radicals and skin dehydration, making it more reactive and slowing the natural skin cell regeneration rate, some pollutants are responsible for pigmentation spots.

Helena Rubinstein examines & exposes 25 of these daily urban radicals the most prominent ones

day light, dna damage Long or continued exposure to daylight radiations: uv rays, visible light & infrared rays caused cell dna damage making its repair slower. Skin gets thinner, more translucent-looking, elasticity is loss, wrinkles set on the skin. You can get sun spots and wrinkles on a cloudy day without ever developing a tan or burn.

ozone dna, damage amplifier Latest studies show its damaging effect on the skin & dna: depleating antioxydants & leading to a cascade of negative effecs on the cell in the deeper layers of the skin and causing free radicals, dna damage & inflamation.

Infrared rays : 8x deeper than uv, they are continuously emitted & reflected 24hr non-stop in the environment.

Helena Rubinstein examines & exposes 25 of these daily urban radicals the most prominent ones

computer waves, oxidative stress Adults spend about 8 ½ hours exposed to screens* (computers, tablets and smartphones). New research shows a connection between the electromagnetic fields (emf), visible and ultraviolet light and the radio range wave they emmit, causing oxidative stress contributing to hyperpigmentation and skin eneveness

city lifestyle, inflammageing – inflammatory response causing accelerating ageing Lack of sleep: a good night’s sleep assures proper cell renewal and detoxification. But as society sleeps less and less, the cell renewal process is slowed down causing dullness, dehydration, fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Diet: most processed foods contain high levels of sugar and starch which produce inflammation responses, accelerate ageing and cause loss of radiance, dark circles under the eyes, the loss of tone, puffiness, an increase in fine lines and wrinkles, the loss of facial contours and increased pore size.

Stress: this powerful negative destructive force is mainly responsible for relasing hormones such as cortisol which alters the function of cells and vital organs. These hormonal changes accelerate skin aging and wrinkling.

did you know their impact on youth? Blow dryers: the long exposure to this heat release causes the skin temperature to rise and loose its water retention ability, skin gets dehydrating and becomes dull.
House cleaners: often containg skin irritants, and toxic vapors that can be easily absorded through the skin making it more sensitive to external aggressions and ageing.

Helena Rubinstein examines & exposes 25 of these daily urban radicals the most prominent ones
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