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prodigy powercell



Proven by science

Skin is recreated, stronger, radically younger.smoothed wrinklesPrint and scoring tests

  • In only 8 days
  • Number of wrinkles : -24%
  • Length of wrinkles: -22%
  • In 4 weeks
  • Total wrinkled area: -38%
  • Length of wrinkles: -38%
  • Lion wrinkles: -27%
  • Lip wrinkles: -37%
  • Restored tonicity
  • Dermal torquemeter test
  • In only 4 hours:
  • Skin tonicity: +15%
  • Skin extensibility: +12%
  • Recreated radiance
  • Auto-evaluations
  • In only 5 days:
  • 79% found their skin more luminous
  • 77% found their skin more radiant
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Record-breaking regeneration

Cell regeneration process goes 1 week faster. An enhanced process both in quality and speed of reconstruction.
Oceanic crista cells allowed the epidermis to gain 1 week in the regeneration process vs untreated reconstructed skin.

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Proven by women

89 under extreme environmental conditions - At work
- In the city
- At the house
- Even those doing extreme jobs

spectacular results validated by dermatologist
- 100% found their skin less reactive to stress
- 99% felt their skin is stronger
- 97% found their skin is better protected
- 95% found their skin looks younger
- 9 out of 10 will replace their current serum with POWERCELL

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