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prodigy powercell



A life power source: native vegetal

The source of life Native vegetal cells are the quintessence of life. They are undifferentiated cells serving as the origin of plant vitality, providing it with a steady supply of cells to form differentiated tissues and organs key to its growth and life span.

Today, they represent one of the greatest anti-ageing sources available trough biotechnology. These cells have been tested and compared to the greatest anti-ageing active principles, the native vegetal cells of Oceanic Crista reveal an exceptional activity on the three mechanisms of ageing: cellular regeneration, tissular repair and anti free-radical defense. They can be cultivated indefinitly.

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A superior adapted plant oceanic crista

This unique millenary plant coming from the depths of the oceans has migrated throughout the ages to start blossom on earth. This change of life has urged it to fight for survival over the ages in order to resist the hostilities of its new natural habitat: dehydration, light, UV rays.

Capable of surviving on wave-beaten rocks or in salt-saturated soils, Oceanic crista has developped incredible adaptation and extraordinary defense mechanisms which secrete life sustaining trace elements, mineral salts, iodine and vitamins, giving it an exceptional resistance to time.

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Potentialized power 100% active

These native vegetal cells are generated in-vitro by biotechnology.

A process is marked by unique detail and care characteristics of craftmanship in order to potentialized their power. A minuscule tissue sample is taken in sterile conditions and placed on a culture-gel enriched with all the nutrients the plant normally needs to survive (micro and macro-nutritive elements, sugar...).

Small cellulars clusters very quickly begin to appear; these are called 'differentiated' cells which are then subcultured in the same environment. At this stage, they are given the status of stabilized "native" or "dedifferentiated" cells. Through this unique biotechnological procedure, Helena Rubinstein Laboratories now have access to stable and indefinite cell-lines of vegetal stem cells 100% active.

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