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Re-Plasy Age Recovery.
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Night cream, 50 Ml

Le protocole

Dr Pfulg reveals his secret about his exceptional post intervention care.
Inspired by his medical expertise, the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories create the first
ever cosmetic "band-aid" capable to correct “all age scars” : wrinkles, skin damages, imperfections.

The key to successful aesthetic intervention lies not only in the act of surgery itself, but also in the implementation of a sophisticated and stimulating facial care routine and outstanding post-operative care.

Having replicated the most cutting-edge techniques of cosmetic medicine, the Helena Rubinstein Laboratories have combined their very own know-how with the medical expertise of Dr Pfulg to develop
Re-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY, a night cream that accelerates the epidermal repair process.

A new stage along the road of anti-ageing cosmetics:
Re-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY, for weakened skin and “all age scars”, today represents the very quintessence of this unprecedented scientific partnership.

For the first time, the highest ever concentration of Pro-xylane™ (30%) in a night cream. To achieve outstanding results in terms of skin repair speed*, Re-PLASTY AGE RECOVERY contains
30% of Proxylane™, the highest concentration of this powerful molecule ever be used in a night cream.

The Pro-xylane™ accelerates the epidermal reconstruction process, reduces Transepidermal Water Loss (TEWL) and fosters good-quality restoration of the skin barrier*.

* in vivo tests Pro-xylane™ 30% concentrated, 88 women, after 10 days
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Les resultats

For the first time ever, Dr. Pfulg carried out in vivo tests on his own patients following aesthetic surgery at LACLINIC-MONTREUX.
Working in conjunction with LACLINIC-MONTREUX, the CHU of Besançon also conducted tests on patients who had undergone minor aesthetic surgery*.

After an intervention, all volunteers presented redness and tugging. Before the application, 58%** amongst them presented dryness; after application, 100% of the subjects do not suffer of dryness anymore. Immediately, 76% of women are no longer suffering from tugging.

For 100% of the subjects, skin is better nourished and hydrated. Skin is more comfortable (97%), smoother (90%), soothed (87%)***.

There is a visible acceleration in epidermal regeneration, skin instantly looks more beautiful and renewed.

* test in vitro
** tests carried out by dermatologists in the CHU of Besançon, during 1 month, on 28 women
*** self-assessment on 28 women, after 1 month
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