Collagenist Replump Eye Zoom - Skin Care - Helena Rubinstein


EYE CARE - 15 ml

Filled eye contour, Anti-wrinkle – radiance


How to apply

More Information

Skin has a natural ability to recover its shape. Through time skin loses this “shape-memory”- foundation of its fullness & bounce. This phenomenon is directly linked to Collagen degradation. Representing 80% of a young skin composition, Collagen is the major support protein in charge of skin’s density & resilience. As it diminishes, the eyes zone loses its tonicity appearing hollow and reflecting light in a poor way: dullness and wrinkles set in around the eyes. Collagen XII and XVI - the “shape-memory” collagens, have been spotted as two of the main collagens involved in the extensibility of the dermis - key factor in the deformation and bounce back of the skin.

At the heart of the formula

The result of over a decade mastering collagen science, HELENA RUBINSTEIN Laboratories have developed the new Collagenist Re-plump Eye Zoom. The 1st eye care combining the unique COLLAGEN RESET COMPLEX and a replumping Hyaluronate to rebuild the original tonicity and smoothness of the eye zone. Our exclusive alliance has been conceived to perform a dual anti-wrinkle filling action: • Increase the production of the “shape-memory” collagens (XII, XVI)* and the 5 key structuring collagens (I, III, IV, V, VII)*, some particularly lacking under the wrinkle. • An immediate replumping effect to infiltrate the epidermis and visibly help reduce lines & wrinkles. *in-vitro tests

Application Tips

Apply every morning and evening on a perfectly cleansed eye contour area. Recover lip’s youthful plump with our must-have COLLAGENIST RE-PLUMP LIP ZOOM.


A bouncy texture both soft to the touch and moisturizing instantly awakes and illuminates the eye zone. The moisturizing properties of the cream restore the comfort and suppleness of the skin around the eyes. Upon application, light capturing agents enlighten the skin with a brightening effect to help improve luminosity and reduce dark circles. Instantly the eye contour is toned, smoother and luminous. In only 4 weeks, 88% of women found their eye contour firmer**. Wrinkles and dark circles are visibly reduced, a hollow-free look is revealed, an eye zone radiant with youth. **auto-evaluation on 50 women