Golden Beauty Week-end Bronzer - Skincare - Helena Rubinstein


SELF TANNER - 125 ml

Self-tanning milk - SPF10 face and body

WEEK-END BRONZER, self-tanning milk, dresses up the skin with a sublime and natural tan.

More Information

GOLDEN BEAUTY is Helena Rubinstein's legendary suncare line that combines pleasureable tanning with the luxury of high-quality anti-ageing sun protection.

Enriched with a patented Mexoryl® XL, large sprectrum filtering system, it protects the skin from UV rays, to preserve its youth capital. The pleasure of a perfect tan on a beautifully radiant skin, all year round.

At the heart of the formula

Mexoryl® XL patented filtering system that protects skin from UV rays to maintain lasting youthfulness.

Application Tips

Apply uniformly. Avoid eye area. If you have fair ou grey hair, avoid applying to eyelashes and hair roots. During sun exposure wear sun protection adapted to your skin type.


A light melt-in texture that adds instant glow to skin.